Sunday, June 16, 2024

Card Of The Week June 16

I'm not much for celebrating milestones on the blog (which seems to be what I say every time I do celebrate one) but I had noticed the other day that I was approaching my 3000th post and thought I should mention it.  I kind of juggled the order of posts a little so that this would be number 3000 - although it's been a busy couple days so I didn't really have to do much to make it work.

Isao Harimoto is the only player to get 3000 hits in NPB so I thought it'd be appropriate to share a card of him for this post.  Here's his card from the 2016 BBM The Ballpark Stories set (#113) commemorating him getting hit #3000 at Kawasaki Stadium on May 28th, 1980:


Sean said...

Wow, congratulations on #3000!

That is pretty huge, I still haven't even hit #500.

NPB Card Guy said...


I've been posting a little longer than you and I don't have little kids so I have more time.