Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 Award Winners

Alex Ramirez of the Giants and Hisashi Iwakuma of the Golden Eagles were named the Central and Pacific League MVPs this week. Here are Ramirez's 1st Version (#025) and Iwakuma's 2nd Version (#672) 2008 BBM cards:

The Rookie Of The Year awards went to Tetsuya Yamaguchi of the Giants and Satoshi Komatsu of the Buffaloes. Here's Yamaguchi's 1st Version (#017) and Komatsu's 2nd Version (#704) cards:

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Jason Presley said...

What is it about the finish on Yomiuri's helmets that always makes them look like they were airbrushed or digitally added to the photo? As opposed to all the other teams with their shiny helmets, the Giants helmets always look like they got a coat of primer and weren't finished or something.

I actually think they look pretty cool. Catches my eye every time, anyway.