Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun stuff

Deanna Rubin was kind enough to pick me up a set of the "Kiyohara Security System" stickers on one her recent visits to Osaka Dome (no check from company holding naming rights, no mention of their name). I got them in the mail today:

Not being able to read Japanese, I don't know what they say (although Deanna said that a couple of them - I'm guessing the ones on the bottom - say something like "Be careful! A loud-ass bell will sound!"), but I find them very amusing anyway.

Deanna also included one of the Bikkuriman Pro Yakyu 2008 stickers with the Kiyohara stickers. This one is of Toshihisa Nishi of the BayStars:

So thanks for the goodies, Deanna!

1 comment:

Deanna said...

You're welcome :)

To be entirely honest I can't accurately translate everything on them anyway, some of it is in this weird tough-guy Osaka dialect Kiyohara speaks. Like the top says "ore ni makasetoke!" which is a rough way of saying "leave it to me!"

Hopefully someone else reading can ACTUALLY speak Kiyoharan or whatever.