Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Stuff

A couple new items of interest are out there:

- BBM announced a couple of new box sets.  One is a memorial set for Tomoaki Kanemoto containing 28 cards - 27 "regular" and one "special" card - possibly an autograph, bat or jersey card.  It will be released at the end of November.  The other new set is the annual Rookie Edition Premium set.  This is a 50 card set featuring 48 "regular" cards and two "special" cards - possible autograph and memorabilia cards.  The 48 regular cards break down as 36 rookie cards (3 per team) plus 12 "Rookie's Moments" cards (1 per team).  The website says that the set will be out in early November but Jambalaya has the set up on their website already.

- AmiAmi has announcements of several new sets that haven't shown up on BBM's website yet - a "Rising Carp" box set, and a "Giants Legend" set.  They also have a listing for a box set featuring the Carp produced by Hiroshima Athlete Magazine.  There's also a set out from Number One for Hiroyuki Nakajima.

- Ebbets Field Flannels has put out a couple new Japanese baseball items - a 1958 Nankai Hawks hat and a 1966 "Nagoya" Dragons t-shirt.

UPDATE - Ebbets Field Flannels is also now selling a 1937 Nagoya jersey.

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