Wednesday, December 3, 2014

80th Anniversary Best 9

NPB last week unveiled their 80th Anniversary Best 9 team.  The selection process for this team was very simplistic - who are the nine guys who've gotten the most Best 9 selections at each position?  The results were a little surprising and it's probably best not to read too much into this - I don't expect that you'd get a whole lot of people to say that Takehiko Bessho was really a better pitcher than Masaichi Kaneda for example.  But I did think it would be fun to show cards for each of the players (there were 11 in all as two players tied at second base and three players tied for the last two outfield spots):

P Takehiko Bessho (1957 Marukami JCM 28a)

C Katsuya Nomura (1974/75 Calbee ##735)

1B Sadaharu Oh (1977 JY1b)

2B Shigeru Chiba (1949 Kagome JDM 4)

2B Morimichi Takagi (1975 Pepsi Menko)

SS Yoshio Yoshida (1967 Kabaya-Leaf #113)

3B Shigeo Nagashima (1973 Calbee #5)

OF Isao Harimoto (1974/75 Calbee #773)

OF Yutaka Fukumoto (1980 Calbee #282)

OF Koji Yamamoto (1983 Calbee #256)

OF Kazuhiro Yamauchi (1959 Marumatsu JCM 32c)


Ryan G said...

I came across this list last night as I was researching all of this year's award winners - spurred, of course, by your recent post.

It's quite uninspired to make such an "important" list just by using statistics. Really, awards based on stats are just titles, and while titles are great, just recognizing who received the award the most doesn't make the player the best all-time.

Blah, I say. But let's see what BBM (and the rest) do with this...

NPB Card Guy said...

The Best 9's aren't picked by stats, they're picked by voting (like the MVPs). So selecting the "80th Anniversary" team this way just perpetuates bad picks.

Ryan G said...

Sorry, I didn't mean Best 9 itself is picked by stats, but that the 80th Anniversary list is - the players with the most awards at that position. And I agree, it basically bastardizes the list.