Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Pair Of New Items

A quick note on two new items of interest:

- BBM is releasing a box set to celebrate the Carp clinching the Central League pennant.  It's called something along the lines of "Successful Achievement" and each box will contain 46 cards - a 45 card base set plus one "special" card.  The 45 card base set is split up between 36 "regular" cards and 9 "name scene" cards.  The "special" card will either be an autograph card or one of five possible oversize 3D cards.  This set sounds very similar to the one BBM released last year to celebrate the Carp winning the CL.  Considering that it's possible to get an autograph card out of it, the set is somewhat reasonably priced at 3000 yen (Discount Niki has it for 2780 yen).  It will be released in mid-October.

- I spoke too soon last week about Topps being done with their WBC cards for the year.  They've just released the "Triple Threads" set and it includes five different relic cards for the Samurai Japan team.  There are "World Baseball Classic Relic Cards" for Hayato Sakamoto, Kosuke Tanaka, Yoshitomo Tustsugoh and Tetsuto Yamada plus a "World Baseball Classic Relic Combo Card" that features Sakamoto, Tsutsugoh and Yamada on the same card.  I think they're all serially numbered but I'm not sure what the counts are.  The set has already been released and there are cards available on Ebay.

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