Thursday, December 21, 2017

High End For The Holidays

There's a couple of the ultra high end sets that have been announced recently, two of which are coming out next week.

- BBM appears to be doing one ultra high end set per year.  This year's version (and by this year I mean 2018) is called "Glory" and is one of the sets that will hit the stores next week (Discount Niki says it will be out on Tuesday the 26th).  Each 16,200 yen (~$143) box contains one pack with six cards in it - I believe that at least one of these is guaranteed to be an autograph or memorabilia card and another will be a "high end" insert card.  The base set has 36 cards of current players (I'm assuming three cards for each team) - I think each card of the base set is serially numbered to 99 and there's a parallel version for each card serially numbered to 70.  There are two insert sets called "ULTRA XTAL" (36 cards numbered to 50) and "Glorious 3D" (12 cards numbered to 20 according to the website but I think it's actually 25) and a smorgasbord of possible autograph and memorabilia cards including ones with  multiple jerseys or patches and multiple autographs.  BBM released a box break video for the set on their YouTube channel yesterday:

- Epoch is pushing out one last 2017 set just before the end of the year.  Boxes of the "Hanshin Tigers Season Achievement" set will be released on December 29th and will retail for about 12,960 yen (~$114).  Each box will contain two packs containing 5 cards each.  Each box will contain two "special insert cards" including one autographed card.  The base set has 18 cards of current Tigers players (including manager Tomoaki Kanemoto), each of which has a parallel version available.  There's four different varieties of memorabilia cards available (12 total cards) and four different types of autographed cards available (56 total cards).

- Epoch's first set for 2018 will be another Tigers set but this time the set will only include OB players.  "Hanshin Tigers Glorious Players" will be released on February 10th.  Boxes will run 15,120 yen (~$133) and will contain two packs containing three cards each.  Each pack is guaranteed to contain an autographed card.  The base set will contain 40 cards, each of which has a parallel.  Each player in the set has an "A" and a "B" version of an autographed card and each of these has a parallel version as well (so each player has four possible autographed cards).  There are also two possible "triple autograph booklet" cards that feature three autographs on a foldout "booklet" and a couple different varieties of Tomoaki Kanemoto bat cards - some of which are autographed.

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Fuji said...

The Glorious 3D card pulled from the BBM pack was a pretty nice looking insert, but you've gotta have a lot of money to throw around to drop $143 for 2 parallels, one base, one insert, and two memorabilia cards.