Sunday, September 30, 2018

Card Of The Week September 30

I was in London a couple of weeks ago and while browsing shops in Camden Market I came across a used clothing store that had a bunch of foreign (to the UK) sports jerseys.  The majority of them were for the NFL and MLB but I did see what I think was an industrial league jersey from Japan as well as a Yomiuri Giants jersey that I'm pretty sure was for Kenji Yano.  I didn't buy it since it probably wouldn't have fit and it's for a team I don't like that much but it was certainly an odd thing to come across in England.

Here's a card of Yano wearing a similar jersey to the one I saw:

2006 BBM Giants #G078
Yano is one of a number of players who has announced he's retiring at the end of the season so I'll be doing a post for him in the next few weeks.


Unknown said...

I always see a lot of Yankees garb walking around here (purely as fashion, most likely), but surprisingly I think Yomiuri Giants caps and jackets are right up there. I'm not sure why or how. It's not just Japanese university students wearing them. Odd!

SumoMenkoMan said...

Interesting. Did you hit up any card shops?

NPB Card Guy said...

@Alex - I saw a lot of Yankees hats along with some Dodgers and Red Sox apparel. I figure they're usually worn by people who want to acknowledge they've been to the cities rather than in support of the teams. I think I saw a guy wearing an old Dragons hat at the Newcastle train station but it might have been a Dodgers spring training hat. Other than that I didn't see anyone wearing NPB gear.

@SumoMenkoMan - No. I don't know if I saw any and I didn't search any out. I was hoping to catch a practice by the London Mets baseball team but we ended up not going.