Sunday, March 3, 2024

Card Of The Week March 3

Among the SCM cards I got from Ryan were two of the three cards BBM issued to promote their 20th Anniversary set back in 2010.   I already had the other one so this completes the very small set.  The three cards are each double-sided so there's six players depicted on the cards - one for each Central League team.

What I found interesting about these cards was that they weren't the traditional promo cards for the set in that they featured photos that were different from the corresponding cards in the set.   Even more interesting was that the photos were taken during the "Great Central" portion of the 2010 schedule when the six Central League teams wore throwback uniforms.  (I know they did this for a number of years but I'm not sure when it started or ended,)  Here's the front and back of all three cards:

2010 BBM SCM #162 (front)

2010 BBM SCM #162 (back)

2010 BBM SCM #163 (front)

2010 BBM SCM #163 (back)

2010 BBM SCM #164 (front)

2010 BBM SCM #164 (back)

The other interesting thing is that the Dragons' representative, Naomichi Donoue, doesn't appear in the 20th Anniversary set.

This would not be the last time that SCM did cards for the "Great Central" games.  They did it again in 2012 with a couple similar "promo" cards for the first Genesis set.  Those were the first SCM cards I ever got while these are among the last.

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