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2007 BBM 1st Version

2007 BBM 1st Version Set Summary

Size: 502 cards

Cards Per Team:  37 (team card, manager + 35 players)
Team Card Theme:  Game Action/Candids
Number Of Leader Cards:  34
Checklists:  None
Subsets:  Future Stars (12), Record Achievers (12)
Inserts:  Best 9, Golden Glove, Speed Stars (Light packs only)
Memorabilia Cards:  Jersey cards for Tsuyoshi Nishioka and Norichika Aoki (serially numbered to 300).  30 copies of each have a patch rather than a jersey
Parallels:  108 cards have four different parallels - silver autograph, gold autograph (serially numbered to 100), "kira hologram" autograph (serially numbered to 50) and "1 of 1" (serially numbered to 1).  87 rookie cards have a serially numbered (to 100) parallel.  108 cards have a metallic parallel found only in Light packs.  Serially numbered (to 100) "Blue letter logo" versions of the Best 9 and Golden Glove inserts
Notable Rookies: Masahiro Tanaka, Kenta Maeda, Hayato Sakamoto, Katsuya Kakunaka

With the 2007 set, BBM put their parallel issues into overdrive.  108 cards have five different versions - silver, gold, "kira hologram", "1 of 1", and "Metallic" (Light packs).  The "1 of 1" cards appear to be a "chrome" version with a blue circle on the front (with the words "1 of 1" in it).  There are also 87 rookie cards (which I think is all of them) with a parallel version in which the word "Rookie" on the front of the card is in embossed gold.  The Masahiro Tanaka card (#211) has all six parallels while the Kenta Maeda and Hayato Sakamoto cards only have the "Rookie" parallel.

I don't have any of the parallels but I was able to find examples of the silver, gold, metallic and Rookie parallels on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:

Silver Parallel for #206

Gold Parallel for #171

Metallic Parallel for #367
Rookie Parallel for #175

Back of Rookie Parallel for #175
All of the Leader subset cards used a horizontal format which was a first for BBM:

There were only two other subsets in the set besides the Leaders subset.  The first was a 12 card "Future Stars" subset that featured a bunch of promising young players - one from each team.  The players were Tomoaki Egawa, Ryosuke Hirata, Yoshihisa Naruse, Hisanori Nishitani, Takahiro Okada (T-Okada), Yuki Saitoh (not Yu-Chan, the one with the Carp), Ginjiro Sumitani, Yusuke Takahashi, Shinichi Takeuchi, Takanobu Tsujiuchi, Shun Yamaguchi and Chung-Shou Yang (aka Daikan Yoh).

The other subset was called "Record Achievers" and featured milestones reached during the 2006 season.  Once again, there were 12 cards - one for each team.  The players included were Atsuya Furuta (1000th run scored), Tomoaki Kanemoto (350th home run), Kazuhiro Kiyohara (12th game ending home run), Masahide Kobayashi (200th save), Tomonori Maeda (3000th total base), Nobuhiko Matsunaka (250th home run), Daisuke Matsuzaka (100th win), Daisuke Miura (1500th strikeout), Koji Uehara (100th win), Tomoya Yagi (nohitter), Masahiro Yamamoto (nohitter) and Toyohiko Yoshida (600th appearance).

The set included the two "standard" insert sets - Best 9 and Golden Glove - as well as a two card insert set called "Speed Stars" that was only available in the Light packs (and featured Tsuyoshi Nishioka and Norichika Aoki).  There was a "blue letter logo" parallel version of the Best 9 and Golden Glove cards available as well.  Once again, I have none of these inserts but I found examples of the regular Best 9 and Golden Glove cards on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:


Other example cards:





Back of #313 (Alex Ramirez)




Ryan G said...

I like the team checklist cards. Once you get done with all the BBM posts perhaps you can do a year-by-year summary or something. Or I could just look at all your old posts and read it that way. But where's the fun in that?

I haven't really looked at parallels much since making my type collection list, but I'm not sure I realized there were actually up to six parallels for some cards. I kind of enjoyed the foil parallels in the team sets (they stopped that this year) though the lack of information about what has parallels and how many were issued makes it quite confusing.

2014 1st Version's on shelves and I have my singles. I will have my review up in the next few days...

NPB Card Guy said...

I really liked the candid shots that BBM used to use for their team checklists. That's one of the main reasons that I really hate them always using the mascots. I need to do a post sometime highlighting my favorites.

I have been thinking about doing a year by year summary of all the sets. Since I've covered the 2008 and later sets as they've come out, the only set I have left now is the 2007 2nd Version.

The year by year summary will also illustrate how complicated the sets have gotten over the years.