Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Releases

Information about a number of new sets has been released lately:

- BBM has announced four more team sets for this year - the Buffaloes, the Lions, the Fighters and the Baystars.  The base set for each of the four sets is a little smaller than what has been normal the past few years - instead of 99 cards, the Buffaloes, Lions and Fighters sets only have 90 cards while the Baystars set only has 81.  Each set has a 9 card insert set associated with it and a number of possible autograph cards.  The Buffaloes set was released last week while the other three will not be out until mid to late May.

- In late April BBM will release a 25 card box set called "Speed And Smart" that I think is dedicated to the best base runners.  Surprisingly, the 24 cards in the base set are not split evenly between active and OB players - there will be 14 active players and only 10 OB players.  Obviously this means BBM is departing from their normal "every team gets the same number of players" template.  The 25th card is (as usual) a "special" card that could be a die-cut card, a facsimile autographed card or a real autographed card.

- Front Runner Trading Cards is releasing their fourth "Rookie And Young Stars" team set for 2014, this time for the Baystars.  I think the set will contain 26 cards - the 25 card base set plus one autograph card.  The set will be out next week.

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