Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Super Star Korean Baseball Series 2

I noticed last week that Super Star Baseball Card, the Korean outfit who had put out a set of baseball cards a couple months back, have announced and released a second set.  The set is labelled "1st Edition" like the earlier set but it is also labelled "Season 2" to differentiate it from the earlier set.  The set once again contains 126 cards in the base set.  They are numbered 1-126 so they are not numbered in continuation of the previous set.

The good news is that it looks like none of the 126 cards are short printed.  There are "All Star" parallels of 54 cards (six per team) and some sort of other parallel for 9 cards (1 per team).  It looks like this mystery parallel could be one of several different types - a parallel design, a parallel design with facsimile autograph, an authentic autograph and a jersey card.  You can see pictures of the cards at Super Star Baseball Card's Facebook page.

Jason has already added the cards to the checklists at Sports Card Forum and Trading Card Database.  From his analysis, it doesn't appear that anyone who appeared in the earlier set shows up in this set.  The set also does not include any foreign players.  Jason has pointed out that each Korean team has 66+ players on their roster (I would assume split between the top team and the "minor league" team) so Super Star could potentially put out two more sets without having any overlap in players or having any foreign players.  I don't pay enough attention to the KBO to know if the 28 players per team included so far are all top team players or not.

The set was apparently released on August 19.

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Jason Presley said...

I still haven't quite figured out the parallels, but the "Super Auto" and "Super Piece" (GU) cards have been added to SCF's database.