Saturday, August 23, 2014

Many New Sets

A bunch of new sets got formal announcements over the last two weeks.  Let's start with the BBM stuff:

- BBM is doing four more team specific box sets.  The first one up is Tigers Fielding, a 24 card set with 23 cards of Tigers players in the field and 1 special card which could be an autograph or jersey card.  It will be released at the end of August.  BBM will follow that up with the Celebration Of The Hawks set which will have 27 cards of Hawks players in this year's red alternate jerseys plus one special card (photo, facsimile autograph or real autograph).  This set will also be released in late August.  Mid September will see Red Sensation, a 28 card box set for the Carp.  It will have 27 regular cards of Carp players plus one special card which could be a foil parallel, a jersey or bat card or some sort of "large format" card that is four times the size of a normal card.  Around the same time, BBM will also be releasing a box set for Orix called something like "March".  It will also have 28 cards in the set with 27 being base cards showing Buffaloes players and the other being an autograph or jersey card.

- BBM will also be releasing Genesis, their high end set, in mid-September.  This is a pack based set with a base set of 120 cards - 9 per team plus a team checklist.  There is a mind-numbing array of parallel, insert, autograph and memorabilia cards available in the packs.  The memorabilia cards include jersey, ball, and patch cards and I think there might be cards that have autographed baseballs embedded in them.

- And if two cheerleader sets this summer wasn't enough for you, BBM will be releasing the unfortunately named "Honeys Flash!!" set in mid-September.  This is a 46 card box set dedicated to the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks dance team the Honeys.  There are 44 base cards in the set - 21 of the dancers in their costumes, 21 of the dancers in street clothes, one group photo and I'm not sure what the other card is.  Each box contains 2 special cards - one is an autograph card (either facsimile or real) and the other is some sort of foil version of a photo card maybe?  I'm not sure I'm understanding Google's translation very well.

- Series Three from Calbee will be out on September 15.  Like the two previous Series from Calbee this year, this Series features 84 player cards, 7 per team.  There are also two subsets - a 12 card "Clutch Hitter" (CL) subset featuring a hitter from each team and the ubiquitous four checklist cards.  The player cards plus this two subsets make up the 100 card, non-premium portion of the set.  The standard 24 card (2 per team) "Star" card insert set is also included.  Rounding out the set, there's a 12 card set dedicated to closers that is available (somehow) by mail order plus the two cards that are obtained by redeeming specially inserted "lucky cards" in the packs.  I'm assuming that like the two previous sets this year that these will be 3D cards.  I think (but I'm not positive) that the two cards are of Yuki Nishi of the Buffaloes and Tomoyuki Sugano of the Giants.

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