Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BBM Scuff Marks

I got a message today from Evan Tokunaga who asked me a question that I don't think I can help him with:

Hello,  I just bought myself my first box of BBM cards.  2013 BBM 2nd Version to be specific.  ...  I had a newbie question I was wondering you could help me with...  Maybe I got a bad batch but it seems like every now and then I see a card or two with a streak/scuff mark that I assume is from when the cards were printed or packaged.  Do you have any advice/tips for either removing them or dealing with them?  I'd appreciate any input. 

I haven't bought much unopened BBM material in years so I don't have much experience with the problem he's talking about.  Has anyone else run into this?  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Ryan G said...

Evan - I haven't opened many BBM packs but I've seen plenty of singles in stores. I don't pay a very large amount of attention to such things but I've never noticed scuff marks, and I don't think dealers are throwing any cards out.

Assuming you can speak Japanese, you might want to email BBM to ask about replacements. If you're in Japan that might not be too hard - they might just send you a replacement pack. Again, I've never tried anything but customer service is really good in Japan. You could even try emailing them in English.

If you want to try removing scuff marks and they're superficial, you might consider something like a lens cleaner/alcohol based cleaning cloth/wipe. They're designed to not put scratches on things, though test on one card first and dry it well, and then evaluate the results. You could rub off the gloss or something.

Anonymous said...

... fyi

The 1997 BBM Set had a ton of cards with scuff marks. Getting a BGS 9.5 or PSA 10 from that set is challenging. In my opinion, almost as bad as the chipping on the 1994 BBM cards.