Monday, December 29, 2014

Mitsuhiro Adachi

I was going through the cards in the Braves Achievement set and it hit me that the Mitsuhiro Adachi card looked awfully familiar...

2014 BBM Braves Achievement #06
I've only got five other cards of Adachi so I went to check them out.  And sure enough, there was a reason this image looked familiar:

2009 BBM Braves Memorial #05

2009 BBM Legend Players #040

2008 BBM Back To The 70's #028

2011 BBM Legend Of Bs #24
Now that I see all the cards at once, I can see that they aren't all the same.  But they certainly look like they were taken at the same time in a sequence.  I've arranged these cards in what I think the sequence is - I figure the Braves Achievement card goes between the last two cards.  (And I think the first two are actually the same shot).

You'll notice that I said I had five other cards but I've only displayed four here.  The other one proves that BBM actually did have other pictures of Adachi:

2014 BBM 80th Anniversary Pitchers Edition #24
There's only five other cards of Adachi that I'm aware of - two Calbee cards from the 1975/76 set, BBM cards from the 2004 Golden Arms and 2006 Record Makers sets and a card in the new OB Club 20th Anniversary set Part 2 that was released in the past week.  As far as I can see, none of them use the image.  This Yahoo! Japan Auctions search may show you more of his cards.


Fuji said...

Great action shots of the Japanese Dan Quisenberry!

Anonymous said...

He seems to have had at least one menko card in 1960 also, but it is odd he had so little presence otherwise.