Sunday, March 4, 2018

2016 BBM Rookie Edition Premium

BBM has issued a "Rookie Edition Premium" box set in the fall of every year since 2007.  It features 36 players (3 per team) that are the rookies (well really draft picks from the previous year) who had had the best season.  The set used to have 48 cards - the extra 12 cards were an additional card for one player from each team - but has been down to 36 cards the past three seasons.  As you'd expect from a BBM box set - each set contains a couple "premium" insert cards including possible autograph cards.  And as you'd expect from the "Premium" title the unopened sets are pretty pricey. 

This is not normally a set that I pick up - it's kind of a high end set and I typically don't like the designs of the high end sets.  And since I get the Rookie Edition, 1st and 2nd Version and all the team sets each year it just seems kind of redundant to get this set as well.  But for the third time in as many years I had a seller on Yahoo! Japan Auctions include a bonus set with something else that I won - I discovered that there was a 2016 Rookie Edition Premium set included with my 2018 Rookie Edition set

As I described above, the 2016 Rookie Edition Premium has three cards for each team.  The three cards are for the three players who were taken in the fall 2015 draft who (in BBM's opinion anyway) had the best 2016 seasons (at least up until the time the set went to press which is probably end of August/beginning of September).  This is not necessarily the top three picks in the draft for each team - there's a fourth round pick (Hiroto Fuku of the Dragons) and two fifth round picks (Ryoma Nishikawa of the Carp and Yasuhiro Yamamoto of the Giants) include in the set.  The big names in the set are Shun Takayama, Louis Okoye, Eigoro Mogi, Masataka Yoshida, Shinnosuke Ogasawara, Junpei Takahashi and Shota Imanaga.




They're nice looking cards and I'm certainly happy to have them for free.  I'm not sure that I'm going to go out of my way to get the set again though.

You can see all the cards for yourself over at Jambalaya.

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