Sunday, March 11, 2018

More Cards From Dan

Got a package from Dan last week - he tracked down a bunch of KBO cards that I was looking for.  We didn't trade this time - I just paid him for the cards.  He was going to use what I paid him to pay Ryan for some stuff so ultimately my money was going to end up in Ryan's hands like so much of the rest of my hobby dollars!

Anyway I wanted to do a quick recap on what Dan sent me.  First up I got two more cards from the 2000 Teleca Korea-Japan Super Games insert set.  I still need 30+ cards from this set so it's probably a pipe dream that I'm ever going to finish it but progress is progress.


The bulk of the cards that Dan sent me were all short prints from the 2014 Superstar Baseball Season One set.  That set had 126 cards (14 per each of the then nine KBO team) but 54 of those cards were short printed.  The short printed cards fell into three categories - "Superstar" (gold facsimile signature), "Big Star" (holographic foil text) and "All Star" (different card design).  I had still needed 16 of these and Dan was able to locate 15 of them!  So I'm down to only needing one card to complete the set.  Dan sent me six "Superstar" cards, three "Big Star" cards and six "All Star" cards.  Instead of showing all the cards he sent me I'm just going to show one of each type:

#SBC01-113 (Superstar card of Tae-Kyun Kim)

#SBC01-072 (Big Star card of Jung-Kwan Park)

#SBC01-089 (All Star card of Jong-Ho Kim)
The final cards Dan found for me were the last five cards I needed to complete my 2016-17 Black Edition base set.  Here's one of them:

#SBCBK-103-N (A-Seop Son)
My "modern" (post 2014) KBO want list is now down to just that one 2014 Season One short print (#SBC01-001 Sok-Min Park) thanks to Dan's efforts.  So thanks Dan!

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Ryan G said...

Nice trade package! Dan sent me some cards too... and I sent him some stuff too. It's International Shipping Month!