Tuesday, August 13, 2019

"2015" Vittum Foreign Attack Set

Dan Skrezyna has just published his latest "Foreign Attack" set under the "Vittum" label.  These sets feature all the foreign players in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) for a particular season - Dan has been filling in the gaps since the official KBO cards do not include the foreign players. 

The newest set is for the 2015 season and contains 42 cards - 41 player cards plus a checklist.  I personally think this is the best looking set Dan's done so far but I've very partial to borderless, full bleed photos on the front of cards.  Here's the front and back of Luis Jimenez's card as an example:


Back of #15
Dan had 20 sets made up and each card of each set has the same handwritten number on the back.

Here's some other examples cards:






Dan has put the entire set checklist online at TradingCardDB.com.  I think he still has a couple sets available so if you're interested, contact him either through his blog or on Twitter.

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Fuji said...

I remember pulling a Nyjer Morgan autograph out of a pack back in the day. Glad to see he continued playing ball after his time in the MLB.