Friday, August 23, 2019

2019 SCC KBO Set

Daewoo Media issued their first set under their SCC moniker for the Korean Baseball Organization this year back in June.  Dan Skrezyna picked up a set for me a while back but I hadn't had a chance to write about until now.

There's 300 total cards available for the set although the base set only has 190 cards (19 per team).  There are also 10 rookie cards (1 per team) that are serially numbered to 100 and 100 autograph cards (which are NOT split evenly between the 10 teams) that are serially numbered to 10.

There are four different flavors of base set cards - "normal" (9 per team), "rare" (5 per team), "holo" (3 per team) and "signature" (2 per team).  The "rare" cards have a shimmering finish (that actually comes through on the scans) while the "holo" cards have a silvery finish.  The "signature" cards feature a facsimile signature done in "holographic ink".

I will defer from commenting how good the player selection is as I don't really know the KBO all that well.  There are (as usual) no foreign players in the set but pretty much every Korean player I know of off hand - Lee Dae-Ho, Park Byung-Ho, Kim Hyun-Soo, Hwang Jae-Gyun, Choi Jeong, Han Dong-Min, Son Ah-Seop, Lee Bum-Ho and Kim Tae-Kyun - are all in the set.

Here's some sample cards:

#SCCR1-19/011 Lee Jae-Won (Normal)

#SCCR1-19/034 Oh Jae-Ii (Normal)

#SCCR1-19/105 Baek Jeong-Hyeon (Normal)

#SCCR1-19/150 Sin Mae-Jae (Normal)

#SCCR1-19/094 Lee Chang-Jin (Rare)

#SCCR1-19/184 Park Jin-Woo (Rare)

#SCCR1-19/058 Kim Tae-Kyun (Holo)

#SCCR1-19/132 Lee Dae-Ho (Holo)

#SCCR1-19/077 Park Byung-Ho (Signature)

#SCCR1-19/179 Kim Baek-Ho (Signature)
Like the SCC sets from last year, the backs of all the cards are identical:

Also like the SCC sets from last year, this is an attractive set.  Dan has added the checklist for the set over at and has added images for all the base set cards

I want to thank Dan for picking up a set for me.

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