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2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version set - Where Are They Now?

Ten years ago this month BBM released their latest collegiate set, the Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version set.  It was their ninth collegiate set and the eighth to feature the Tokyo Big Six.  This would be the last set for the league that BBM would issue during the league's Fall season - the remaining sets would all be released in the spring.

The set contained 37 cards - a 36 card base set plus one of 12 possible insert cards.  The insert cards were either one of six "Tokyo Big 6 Heroes" cards (one active player per school) or one of six "Tokyo Big 6 Legends" cards (one OB player per school).  For the first time the base set did not include team cards so all 36 cards were player cards (six per team).

Of those 36 players, eight would go on to play in NPB.  Five of those eight had been featured in one or more of the previous Tokyo Big Six sets.  Seven of the eight players are still active although only five are currently playing in NPB.  Kohei Arihara is the first player featured in one of BBM's collegiate sets to go on to play in MLB.

This set marks the final appearance in a collegiate set for Yusuke Nomura.  I've frequently suggested  that BBM started doing collegiate sets so that they could make cards of Yuki Saitoh but an argument could be made (although not a particularly serious one) that they wanted to make cards of Nomura instead.  Nomura had cards in seven of BBM's first eight Tokyo Big Six sets - he had the most cards of any player in the sets.  (Saitoh had five cards which tied him for third place with nine other players.  The player with the second most cards, Keisuke Okazaki of Rikkio, never played in NPB.  His final collegiate card was also in this set.)

Here's the list of future NPB players from the set:

Player College Year Drafted Notes
Arihara, Kohei Waseda 1 2014 Fighters 1st Played for Fighters 2015-2020, Texas Rangers 2021-present.  2015 Rookie Of The Year.  Lead PL in wins in 2019.  All Star in 2016 & 2019
Fukutani, Koji Keio 3 2012 Dragons 1st Played for Dragons 2013-present.  All Star in 2014
Habu, Shohei Waesda 4 2011 Carp 4th Played for Carp 2012-18.  
Itoh, Hayata Keio 4 2011 Tigers 1st Played for Tigers 2011-2020, Ehmine Mandarin Pirates 2021-present
Mikami, Tomoya Hosei 4 2013 Baystars 4th Spent two years with JX-ENOS after graduating.  Played for Baystars 2014-present.  All Star in 2014 & 2016
Nomura, Yusuke Meiji 4 2011 Carp 1st Played for Carp 2012-present.  2012 Rookie Of The Year.  Lead Central League in wins in 2016.  All Star in 2012 & 2016.  Named to Best 9 team in 2016
Shimauchi, Hiroaki Meiji 4 2011 Eagles 6th Played for Eagles 2012-present.  All Star in 2021
Takanashi, Yuhei Waseda 1 2016 Eagles 9th Spent two years with JX-ENOS after graduating.  Played for Eagles 2017-2020, Giants 2020-present.  All Star in 2021

Here's each of their cards from the set as well as a card of them in NPB.  As usual I tried to get the most recent card of theirs that I hadn't already shown when possible.  I'm also showing Mikami's "Tokyo Big Six Heroes" card since I pulled that from the box I bought.  Itoh and Shimauchi also had cards in that insert set but I don't have those.

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #26

2020 BBM 1st Version #111

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #02

2021 Epoch NPB #297

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #29

2012 Front Runner Carp Starting Lineup #18

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #05

2018 BBM Tigers #T63

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #13

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #SP03

2019 Calbee Samurai Japan #SJ-14

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #19

2021 Calbee #136

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #22

2021 BBM 2nd Version #443

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version #27

2021 BBM 1st Version #171

 Four of the other 28 players in this set - Naoki Harada of Hosei, Masaki Miyamoto of Keio, Yuji Naka of Rikkio and Ikuhiro Takeda of Meiji - had their only cards ever in this set.  The other 24 players appear in at least one other collegiate set - Naoki Agata (Keio), Yota Hirahara (Rikkio), Ryosuke Itoh (Hosei), Shuhei Iwasaki (Tokyo), Yuki Jibiki (Waseda), Junishi Katori (Tokyo), Kenji Kawabe (Meiji), Kanji Kawai (Meiji), Masato Komura (Rikkio), Koichiro Matsumoto (Rikkio), Masataka Nakamura (Meiji), Hiroshi Nakashima (Meiji), Kensuke Ohno (Waseda), Keisuke Okazaki (Rikkio), Hayato Saitoh (Rikkio), Koki Sasaki (Waseda), Shota Suzuki (Tokyo), Yohei Tachi (Tokyo), Hisanori Takayama (Tokyo), Daisuke Takeuchi (Keio), Hiroshi Taki (Hosei), Kento Tatebe (Hosei), Shota Utsumi (Tokyo), and Ren Yamasaki (Keio).

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