Sunday, March 26, 2023

2022 BBM Team Sets

As usual the bulk of that big package I got from Ryan recently consisted of the twelve "comprehensive" team sets from BBM for last year and as usual it's taken me about a month to get them all inputted into my database.  Now what I mean by a "comprehensive" team set is one that has all the players on the team's 70 man roster at the time it was printed (which is usually less than 70 players).  The team sets were all released between April and July of last year.

Each set had a base set of 81 cards which included 63 to 70 "regular" cards featuring the players on the 70 man roster plus the team's manager.  Each set also had a single card dedicated to its mascot or mascots and then the remainder of the set was made up of three or four subsets containing two to six cards.  Some of the mascot cards double as a checklist for the set.  Here's the break down for each set:

Team Player/Manager Cards Mascot Cards Subsets
Chiba Lotte Marines 68 1 Newcomer (2), Young & Fine (2), Title Holder (5), Uniform Number Geneology (3)
Chunichi Dragons 66 1 Heart & Soul (3), Flame Ball (4), Power Plant (3), Veolcity (4)
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 65 1 Newcomer (2), Shutout (4), Get Over (4), Charge! (5)
Hanshin Tigers 69 1 First Pick (3), Smart & Smooth (3), No Mercy (5)
Hiroshima Toyo Carp 67 1 Newcomer (4), Bring It On (5), Awesome Guys (4)
Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 68 1 Tough Enough (3), Blast Off (3), Homegrown (3), High Intensity (3)
Orix Buffaloes 63 1 2020 Orix Buffaloes Topiocs (4), Brilliant Achievement 2021 (4), Golden Age (6), Pedigree (3)
Saitama Seibu Lions 64 1 Young Lion (6), Bring Change (5), Nice (5)
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 70 1 Big Bolt (3), Stand Out (3), Fresh Breeze (4)
Tokyo Yakult Swallows 66 1 Milestone (2), New Phase (5), Check it Out (7)
Yokohama DeNA Baystars 67 1 Revival (3), Uplift (3), Future Is Here (4), Expertise (3)
Yomiuri Giants 67 1 Great Comeback (3), Generations (3), Get The Chance (3), Supreme Diamond (4)

Each team set includes 30 to 35 players who do not appear in BBM's 2022 "flagship" sets (1st & 2nd Versions and Fusion).  As usual these include an interesting mix of Westerners (Carter Stewart, Robert Cornier, Geronimo Franzua, Bryan Rodriguez, Cesar Vargas, Alan Busenitz, Cy Sneed, Michael Peoples and Rubby De La Rosa) and somewhat big name veterans (Seiya Inoue, Shota Ohno, Seiji Uebayashi, Wei-Yin Chen, Chihiro Kaneko, Tomotaka Sakaguchi, Seiichi Uchikawa and Seiji Kobayashi).  There's are five Westerners who have their first ever (and possibly only) NPB card in these sets - Kyle Keller, John Gant, Rangel Ravel, Chris Gittens and Matt Andriese.

Here's a card of a player from each set who was not in any of BBM's flagship sets:

2022 BBM Marines #M52

2022 BBM Dragons #D22

2022 BBM Hawks #H03

2022 BBM Tigers #T08

2022 BBM Carp #C46

2022 BBM Fighters #F42

2022 BBM Buffaloes #B03

2022 BBM Lions #L50

2022 BBM Eagles #E63

2022 BBM Swallows #S27

2022 BBM Baystars #DB50

2022 BBM Giants #G03


Jason Presley said...

The last few years, BBM has included an insert in the yearly Giants set called "TRIPLEX". Is that supposed to be read as a single word, like duplex, or is it supposed to be like Triple X? I only ask now because the 2023 Giants set has been announced, and one of the sample images is a TRIPLEX card, but it is written as Triplex. I haven't found an image of the card backs, so I'm not sure what the title is referencing with the player selection.

Jason Presley said...

Nevermind. The cards are consistent with the lowercase, or at least smaller, X, so I've opted for Triplex, since the insert sets are always just 3 cards. Didn't realize the those sets went all the way back to 2016. Time flies.