Monday, March 20, 2023

Showing Off Some Vintage Calbees

I discovered about a month ago that COMC had a bunch of mid-70's Calbees at very reasonable prices.  I've really been cutting back on vintage cards lately but I couldn't resist picking some up.  I thought I'd do a quick post to show off what I got (partly because Sean asked me to).  So without further ado, here they are:

1974/75 #30 Yutaka Enatsu

1974/75 #31 Yutaka Enatsu

1974/75 #51 Sachio Kinugasa

1974/75 #212 Isao Harimoto/Katsuo Ohsugi (#51)

1975/76/77 #439 Yakult Swallows

1975/76/77 #854 Sachio Kinugasa

1975/76/77 #1213 Isao Harimoto

1978 Regular Type I Charlie Manuel

1978 Regular Type I Jim Lyttle

1978 Regular Type I Hisaaki Fukushima

Some comments about the cards:
  • I was amused that the 1974/75 card of Kinugasa has him wearing number 28 while the 1975/76/77 card has him wearing the more familiar number 3 (which the Carp retired for him)
  • From left to right on the Swallows card - top row is manager Hiroshi Arakawa, Tetsuo Nishii, Hiromu Matsuoka and Keishi Asano; middle row is Takeshi Yasuda, Akihiro Ohya, Katsuo Ohsugi and Keitoku Yamashita, bottom row is Tsutomu Wakamatsu, Charlie Manuel, Roger Repoz and Kunio Fukutomi
  • I almost bought a Hal Breeden card from COMC so I was happy to see him making a cameo appearance on Harimoto's card
  • Not positive but I think that's Felix Millan on Jim Lyttle's card


Sean said...

Awesome cards, thanks for posting about them. I love that Harimoto card with the guts pose.

NPB Card Guy said...

As you well know, there are WAY too many Giants cards in that set and I wouldn't have picked any more up except that the photo was too cool to pass up.