Sunday, March 19, 2023

Card Of The Week March 19

It's kind of funny how things happen sometimes.  I'd been looking for Yuki Yanagita's rookie card from the 2011 BBM Hawks set for a while and was having no luck tracking one down.  I'd only seen one up for auction in the last year or so on Yahoo! Japan Auctions as part of a Yanagita rookie card lot.  I asked Ryan to bid on it but we came up short.  I don't think it went for a huge amount of money but I didn't want to spend a lot on the card so it whatever it sold for was more than I wanted to pay.  

I won't say I gave up on it but I hadn't really looked for it too much for a while.  But on a whim in early February I did a search for the card on YJA and came across an auction for it for only 100 yen.  No one had bid on it yet and it only had about 40 minutes left when I found it.  Normally I'd ask Ryan to bid on it for me but since it had such a short fuse I figured I'd better bid on it myself.  I used ZenMarket, figuring that even with their 300 yen service fee I was still getting a bargain.  I bid 1000 yen on it and was surprised when the auction ended without any other bidders.  I had won it for 100 yen.  I knew that domestic shipping from the seller to ZenMarket would be 100 yen so my total for the card would be a very reasonable 500 yen.  And I knew I'd be using ZenMarket to get the BBM Munetaka Murakami Shin-Ka and Rookie Edition sets in the near future and I could get the card shipped to me with them with minimal impact to the shipping fee.

I had forgotten something though.  Back in December, I had done some sort of survey for ZenMarket.  I don't even recall much about it anymore but they had promised to add 500 yen to my account.  As I said, I had completely forgotten about it until I went to pay them for the Yanagita card as discovered that I didn't owe them any money.  That 500 yen they gave me covered the cost of the card (100 yen), the ZenMarket fee (300 yen) and domestic shipping (100 yen).  So my Yanagita rookie card was free!

2011 BBM Hawks #H67

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