Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 BBM College National Team

BBM issued a third collegiate set last year in October with the College National set. This box set contained cards honoring the 22 players (no coaches) on the collegiate National team. There are two cards for each player (an action shot on one card and something that looks a little like a 1955 Topps card for the other) plus an additional insert card for one of the players (I got an opened set without the insert) for a total of 45 cards.

As with the other sets, this one includes players taken in the 2009 Draft. There were 14 players in the set who were drafted (including four of the five drafted players who appeared in the Tokyo Big 6 sets). (The fact that the cards showed which college the player attended was a huge help in figuring this out.) Here's the list:

Takeshi Hosoyamada, Waseda (Baystars #4)
Yusuke Inoue, Aoyama Gakuin Univ (Eagles #4)
Takahiro Iwamoto, Asia Univ (Carp #1)
Kyohei Iwasaki, Tokai Univ (Dragons #3)
Shinji Iwata, Meiji (Dragons #5)
Keijiro Matsumoto, Waseda (Baystars #1)
Hiroki Nakazawa, Kokusai Budo Univ (Giants #6)
Shota Ohno, Toyo Univ (Fighters #1)
Kohei Shibata, Kokusai Budo Univ (Tigers #2)
Tsuyoshi Takashima, Aoyama Gakuin Univ (Buffaloes #4)
Shingo Tatsumi, Kinki (Hawks #1)
Toshiki Tsubo, Tsukuba Univ (Marines #4)
Hiroki Uemoto, Waseda (Tigers #3)
Noriharu Yamazaki, Yokohama Shogyo Univ (Baystars #3)

Here's a couple example cards:

That's the "action" cards of Takeshi Hosoyamada (#CN09) and Hiroki Nakazawa (#CN11) and the 1955 Topps-ish card of Shota Ohno (#CN32).

And just so you know, these are the same players who have autograph and memorabilia cards inserted in the Upper Deck Collegiate Team USA set last summer.

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