Saturday, November 3, 2012

New BBM Sets

A couple of days ago I mentioned that AmiAmi was listing a couple sets that BBM's website hadn't gotten around to listing yet.  I must have shamed them into it as BBM has now put up information on these sets.

The Rising Carp set is a 28 card box set featuring young players on the Carp.  As always, one of those 28 cards is a "special" card that could be an autograph or memorabilia card.  Of the other 27, 18 are  player cards and the other nine are something Google is translating as "uniform reprints" which is probably not the correct translation.  The set will be out in early December.

The Giants Legend set is a pack based set that appears to be some sort of OB Giants set.  It has 99 "regular" cards but there's no break down of any subsets in those 99 cards.  I don't know if that means all 99 cards are player cards or if BBM simply hasn't listed the subsets (not that that has ever happened before).  There are two insert sets for the 1976 and 2000 lineups (I'm assuming since they're 9 cards each).  (1976 is an odd choice since they lost the Nippon Series that year to Hankyu.)  There will also be possible autograph inserts.  The set will be released in mid-December.

The final new set listing was mentioned on AmiAmi but I didn't post about it because I didn't understand what it was.  Their listing called it "Saikyou Gaikokujin Densetsu" which turns out to be something like "Strongest Legendary Alien" maybe?  Anyway, it's a pack based set featuring OB foreign players, including Cecil Fielder on his first ever BBM card.  The set contains 81 "regular" cards - 72 player cards (with players going back to the 1960's I think) and 9 "OFF SHOT" cards (whatever that means).  There is also a nine card insert set for "Record Leaders" (I think) and possible autograph cards.  It will hit the shelves at the end of December.

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