Saturday, January 19, 2013

1994 Teleca Korean Cards Part 1 - Tigers, Eagles and Giants

I want to continue to post about the Teleca cards that Robert Shadlow scanned for me a couple months back.  I covered the 1993 cards a little while back so I thought I'd start on the 1994 ones here.

Like the 1993 cards, the 1994 Teleca cards are phone card size and shaped and appear to have been sold one card at a time.  Each card was inserted into a sleeve that had the team's logo on it.  There appear to be two distinctive Teleca issues in 1994 - the LG Twins set and everybody else.  I'll post about the Twins set later.  I'll start talking about the "everybody else" cards here.

The numbering of the 1994 Teleca cards starts at 13 (apparently starting off where the 1993 set left off but that's complete conjecture) and goes to at least 71, meaning there's at least 59 cards in the set.  The set featured cards for six of the eight teams in the league - the Haitai Tigers, the Hanwha Eagles, the Lotte Giants, the OB Bears, the Pacific Dolphins and the Samsung Lions.  With the LG Twins being covered in the other 1994 Teleca issue, it appears that there are no cards of the eight team in the league, the Ssangbangwool Raiders.

I've started loading Robert's scans into Flickr and setting up sets by team.  So far I've got the Tigers, Eagles and Giants done so I'll list those cards here and do the rest in another post.

13Sun Dong-yeolHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
14Sun Dong-yeolHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
15Sun Dong-yeolHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
16Lee Jong-BeomHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
17Lee Jong-BeomHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
19Cho Gye-hyeonHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
20Cho Gye-hyeonHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
21Cho Gye-hyeonHaitai Tigersscanscanscan
22Lee Jeong-hunHanwha Eaglesscanscanscan
23Han Yong-deokHanwha Eaglesscanscanscan
24Chang Jong-hunHanwha Eaglesscanscanscan
25Song Jin-wooHanwha Eaglesscanscanscan
26Kong Pil-seongLotte Giantsscanscanscan
27Jeon Jun-hoLotte Giantsscanscanscan
28Kim Weong-gukLotte Giantsscanscanscan
29Kim Min-hoLotte Giantsscanscanscan
30Kim Seon-ilLotte Giantsscanscanscan
31Kim Yong-huiLotte Giantsscanscanscan
32Yoon Hak-kilLotte Giantsscanscanscan
33Pak Gye-wonLotte Giantsscanscanscan
34Hyeong-gwang JuLotte Giantsscanscanscan
35Pak Dong-hyiLotte Giantsscanscanscan

I also have scans for the empty sleeves for the Tigers, Eagles and Giants.

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