Friday, January 25, 2013

1994 Teleca Korean Cards Part 3 - LG Twins

The LG Twins cards that Teleca produced in 1994 were different from their other KBO cards from that year.  These cards were unnumbered (unless you count the uniform numbers) and had a front and back design that were used for no other team that year.  The backs were colorful, showing a full color team logo along with a yellow background on the player's statistics and a big light green square that I assume was meant for autographs.  The cards were sold the same way as the other cards that year - in sleeves that were meant to be sold one card at a time.

Here's the list of Twins cards, organized by uniform number along with links to their scans on Flickr.  As before, all these scans were done by Robert Shadlow.

1Jeong Sam-heumscanscanscan
2Kim Dong-sooscanscanscan
3Kim Seon-jinscanscanscan
6Yu Ji-hyeonscanscanscan
7Kim Jae-hyeonscanscanscan
8Chou Hun-jaescanscanscan
9Han Dae-hwascanscanscan
12Kim Jeong-minscanscanscan
15Lee Jong-yeolscanscanscan
17Pak Jun-taescanscanscan
18Cha Dong-cheolscanscanscan
21Kang Bong-sooscanscanscan
24Kim Ki-bumscanscanscan
27Seo Hyo-in scanscanscan
31Cha Myeong-seokscanscanscan
33 30No Chan-yeopscanscanscan
35Kim Tae-wonscanscanscan
40Kim Yeong-jikscanscanscan
41Kim Yong-sooscanscanscan
42Jun Il-sooscanscanscan
47Lee Sang-Hoonscanscanscan
54Kim Tae-minscanscanscan
61Pak Cheol-hongscanscanscan
62Seo Yong-binscanscanscan
67Park Jong-hoscanscanscan
77Lee Kwang-hoanscanscanscan

There are two different sleeves that the cards came in.  The first was the simple logo design with a mostly blank back, similar to the ones that the other team's cards came in.  The other one showed what I think are three Teleca phone cards on the front and had the Twins' 1994 schedule on the back.

12/30/16 UPDATE - I just now realized that No Chan-Yeop wore number 30, not number 33.  I've corrected the list but I didn't resort it.

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