Sunday, January 20, 2013

1994 Teleca Korean Cards Part 2 - Lions, Bears and Dolphins

Continuing the list of the 1994 Teleca Korean cards that Robert Shadlow scanned for me, here's the list the for the Samsung Lions, the OB Bears and the Pacific Dolphins.  (OK, actually this is the list for the cards Robert has between #37 - #71 - there are some gaps in the numbering and card #65 is actually a Lotte Giant.  It looks like it's celebrating Yoon Hak-kil's 100th win maybe.  The card is using the same photo as his regular card - #32).

37Ryu Jung-ilSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
38Tong Bong-cheolSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
39Kim Seong-raeSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
40Lee Man-sooSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
41Kang Gi-ungSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
42Lee Jong-duSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
43Jeong Yeong-gyuSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
44Kim Sang-yeopSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
45Yang Jun-hyeokSamsung Lionsscanscanscan
47Park Chul-sunOB Bearsscanscanscan
48Lim Hyeong-seokOB Bearsscanscanscan
49Kim Hyeong-seokOB Bearsscanscanscan
50Kim Tae-hyeongOB Bearsscanscanscan
51Kim Sang-jinOB Bearsscanscanscan
52Kwon Myeong-cheolOB Bearsscanscanscan
53Lee Myeong-sooOB Bearsscanscanscan
54Kim Sang-hoOB Bearsscanscanscan
55Chang Ho-yeonOB Bearsscanscanscan
56Kim Kyeong-WonOB Bearsscanscanscan
64Kim Gyeong-giPacific Dolphinsscanscanscan
65Yoon Hak-kilLotte Giantsscanscanscan
67Kim Dong-giPacific Dolphinsscanscanscan
69Yun Deok-gyuPacific Dolphinsscanscanscan
70Jeong Myeong-wonPacific Dolphinsscanscanscan
71Chung Min-taePacific Dolphinsscanscanscan

I have scans of empty sleeves for the Lions (one horizontal and one vertical), the Bears and the Dolphins.

I'm a little curious if the gap in card numbers between #56 and #64 is where the cards for the one unaccounted for team, the Ssangbangwool Raiders, are.


Ralph said...

Thanks for your work on this checklist! I have most of these cards and will check them against your list. I doubt that I have any cards that Robert doesn't have.

NPB Card Guy said...

I just realized I messed up - I should have done Samsung, Haitai and OB in the same post so I could have titled it "Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!"