Sunday, January 6, 2013

Card Of The Week January 6

From a post in Yayku Baka this past week about Samurai Japan's manager Koji Yamamoto:
Palm reader Shuhei Shimada looked at an photo of Yamamoto's palm and provided Sponichi with the following reading:
The Fate Line (運命線), Sun Line (金運線), and Mercury Line (財運線) intersect, which means strong luck.  Could be a strong affinity to gold, which could mean a gold at the WBC.
The Life Line (生命線) splits in two, so it means there will be a journey.  It might be indicating a journey outside of Japan.  The line is also doubled, which means strength.  The IkeIke Line (イケイケ線) means new challenges tend to end well.  The crisscrossing lines (神秘十字) near the center of the palm shows a mysterious strength that helps protect.  Good with luck.
The Volunteer Line (ボランティア線) near the base of the index finger shows he is selfless and could mean he will be good at creating an environment that makes it easier for players to perform.  He also has a Mood-maker Line (ムードメーカー線), which could help with the atmosphere in the dugout.
In considering other information, like his birthday, his luck will increase in March.  His lucky color is red.  Wearing something red, even undergarments, could be good.
Well, if he wears some of his old uniforms, he should have the red covered pretty well:

2001 BBM #514


Anonymous said...

Not germane to the current blog post, but just wondering if you're still gonna be covering all the new BBM releases like you have in the past. More specifically, I'd like to know your thoughts on the gaijin memorial set that apparently has already been released (or at least I assume so given that at least one seller has been offering it up on ebay).

And just to add, I really enjoyed your year in review posts of a week or two ago recapping the 2012 issuances of BBM and Calbee. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Greg Dunn

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks for the kind words Greg. I do plan to continue to cover the new BBM sets that I get as I get them - my Gaijin Memorial set is somewhere between Japan and here right now (I hope!).

Jambalaya has all the cards on display already - it looks like a good set. There's a lot of interesting guys who've never shown up in a BBM set before - Dave Johnson, Clyde Wright, Charlie Manuel, Bob Horner, Larry Parrish and Cecil Fielder to name a couple off hand. While there's a bunch of guys I can think of that would be fun to have a Japanese card of (Don Zimmer, Larry Doby, Don Newcombe, Joe Pepitone, etc), I can't really think of anyone major missing (other than Wally Yonamine). So I'm looking forward to getting my set.

Hope that helps!