Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 BBM Genesis Box Break #2

A month ago I did a post about a box break for a box of the new BBM Genesis set.  The box break was done by a reader named Pete who took a bunch of pictures for me.  I got a message from Pete earlier this week - he had bought another box of Genesis and was willing to again share information about what he got.

Each box of Genesis contains 20 five card packs for a total of 100 cards in the box.  Pete did almost as well on unique cards on the second box as he did on the first - 97 unique cards with only three doubles.

He got 69 cards from base set (66 singles plus the 3 doubles).  He also got 23 Cross Wind and 3 of the team checklist cards.  He got three parallels of the base set - green ones for Ryo Hijirisawa (47/100) and Kazuki Mishima (52/100) and a silver on for Shinnosuke Abe (9/25) plus a parallel for the Cross Wind subset for Naoya Masuda (69/100).  The top special card was an authentic autograph card of Takehiro Okada (T-Okada).  It was called Cross Signing and was numbered 14 of 20.

Here's some pictures that Pete was gracious enough to send:

#005 Silver Parallel

Back of #005 Silver Parallel

Cross Wind Parallel #CW097

Back Of Cross Wind Parallel #CW097

Cross Sign Autograph Card for T-Okada

Back Cross Sign Autograph Card for T-Okada

Pete reports that after buying two boxes, he is 15 cards short of the complete base set and 4 cards short of the complete Cross Wind subset.

He also passes on that he bought the box from Rakuten Global Market again for the same price ($95.97) as the first box.  He bought a couple other boxes for other sets (which I'll be doing a post about shortly) so the shipping charge was higher for the EMS shipping than it had been for the first box.

In addition to the two boxes, Pete had also picked up a couple Masahiro Tanaka memorabilia cards from Genesis off of Ebay and sent pictures of them along as well:

Thanks again Pete for passing along the information and the pictures.

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