Sunday, November 3, 2013

Final 2013 Sets?

The 2013 NPB season wrapped up today but it looks like there's still a couple more sets due out this year.  BBM's website listed a couple new ones last week and there's apparently a couple non-BBM ones coming soon as well.

- BBM is putting out two box sets to celebrate the careers of Shinya Miyamoto and Shinjiro Hiyama.  Both sets are 28 cards - 27 cards in the base set plus a "special" card - Miyamoto has possible autograph or photo cards, Hiyama has possible jersey or autograph cards.  The Miyamoto set has three subsets - 9 cards for Miyamoto's career, 15 cards for other Swallows players (I think it's the 2013 team but might be previous teammates) and 3 cards for "last year allies" which I'm not sure what are - maybe for Atsunori Inaba who reached 2000 hits last year just like Miyamoto did.  Hiyama's subsets are 22 cards for his career and five cards for "Episodes of Hiyama".  Both sets will be out in late November.

- I'm not sure who is publishing this set but there's a "Season Summary 2013" set coming out for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars.  This appears to be a box set containing 31 cards - 30 base set cards plus one autograph card.  There appear to be a wide variety of the autograph cards - some commemorate milestones reached in 2013 (Ramirez and Nakamura reaching 2000 hits) while others are for the 1998 Baystars Nippon Series championship.  Not sure if the autographs are all authentic or if some are facsimile.  The set will be released at the end of November.

- Sports Graphic Number magazine is putting out a set commemorating Tomonori Maeda's career.  This is a packed based set with a 90 card base set, 18 insert cards and (I think) possible autograph and jersey cards.  It looks like the set actually will not hit the shelves until January.

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