Sunday, November 17, 2013

Card Of The Week November 17

My friend in Japan that I buy cards from occasionally includes the latest Sports Card Magazine when he sends me cards.  I got my latest shipment from him on Friday and, sure enough, he included issue #101 with my sets (Calbee Series Three, BBM 10 Years in Hokkaido and Fukuoka Legacy, all of which I'll be doing posts on shortly).  As usual, SCM #101 included two "SCM Original Cards".  Frequently the "original cards" are promo cards for BBM sets that are identical to the actual cards in the set (other than the "SCM Original Card" logo).  This time, however, they are brand new cards.  BBM decided to add a couple more cards to the "Ceremonial First Pitch" subset from this year's 2nd Version set.  Both cards have two separate numbers on them - numbers 691 & 692 as a continuation of the 2nd Version set and 220 and 221 as the separate numbering for the SCM cards.

The first card is for something called "Nishikokun" which apparently is the mascot for Nishi Kokobunji which I think is a city in Tokyo prefecture, west of Tokyo city itself.  To be clear - Kokobunji is the name of the city and all I'm finding for Nishi Kokobunji is the train station.  I don't know if this is the mascot for the city or for the train station.  Anyway, I ended up with a "laser" parallel of the card:

The second card is of Sadako, the villain from The Ring.  If you're thinking that a first pitch ceremony card for her sounds familiar, it's because BBM did one for her in last year's 2nd Version set.  I have to say that it puzzled me why BBM did a card for a character from a horror movie last year and it even more baffles me why they decided to do it again.  It turns out that there was a sequel movie (Sadako 3D) that came out last year (about two weeks after the first pitch ceremony featured on the 2nd Version card) and a sequel to the sequel (Sadako 3D 2) that was released this year about a week after the ceremony on the SCM card.  So both ceremonies are promos for the movies.


I think I'd rather see this first pitch ceremony commemorated instead:

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Ryan G said...

I gotta get those cards. I guess I'll just pick up a copy of the magazine, though I think that issue has only soccer cards listed (besides the new releases).