Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 BBM Giants Legends Set

BBM put out a retrospective set on the Yomiuri Giants a few months back.  Called "Giants Legends", it's a 99 card set featuring Giants players, legends and otherwise.

I picked this up thinking it would be similar to BBM's team anniversary sets from the last few years but it really isn't.  In fact, I'd be hard pressed to say exactly what the point of this set is.  Of the 99 cards, 93 of them are for Giants players (well, 90 for Giants players and three cards for Shigeo Nagashima as manager).  The players are mostly OB with a handful of players active in 2012 in both Japan (Shinnosuke Abe, Hideki Okajma and Yoshibobu Takahashi) and the US (Hideki Matsui and Koji Uehara).  All of the players are from the 1960's and later.  There's a couple odd gaijin in the set - Davey Johnson, Clyde Wright and John Sipin.  I'm going to guess that the set is commemorating the managerial career of Shigeo Nagashima (1975-80, 1993-2001) - all the players would have been players Nagashima managed (and would explain why none of the cards of Nagashima are of him as a player).

The final six cards in the set support this theory.  The cards are entitled "The Great Scenes" and celebrate events from 1976 to 2000.  Nagashima is featured on the front of every card except one - the card for Sadaharu Oh's 756th home run.

Here's some sample cards (go here to see all of them):






That last card commemorates the Giants defeat of the Hawks in the 2000 Nippon Series - the final Championship won by Nagashima.

UPDATE - I don't know why I was convinced Johnson was in the set.  Probably just got confused since Clyde Wright and John Sipin are in both this set and the "Legendary Foreigner" set and I just assumed Johnson was in both of them as well (he's only in the "Legendary Foreigner" set.

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