Thursday, February 7, 2013

Never Mind The Bolicks, Here's Some More Gaijin

I thought I'd show a bunch of cards of guys who didn't make the new Legendary Foreigner set.  First up, a bunch of guys who had reasonably long NPB careers but were left out for some reason (in Sledge's case it may be because he may return to Japan after he recovers from his injury last season):

1984 Calbee Bobby Marcano (#356)

2000 Victory Phil Clark (#26)

2008 BBM 2nd Version Terrmel Sledge (#639)
Next, one of the handful of Americans to play in Japan in the 1930's, Harris McGalliard (aka "Bucky Harris"):

2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 Harris McGalliard (#025)
Finally, a bunch of guys more famous for playing in the States (or in one case for the Cuban National team):

1979 TCMA Tony Muser (#4)

1990 Calbee Roy White (#241)

1984 Takara Kids Giants Reggie Smith (#7)

1987 Play Ball Ben Oglivie (#19)

1988 Takara Swallows Doug Decinces (#15)

1989 Lotte Mike Easler (#29)

1991 BBM Phil Bradley (#352)

1992 BBM Mike Marshall (#378)

1993 BBM Jesse Barfield (#312)

1993 BBM Rex Hudler (#327)

1995 BBM Glenn Davis (#454)

1995 BBM Late Series Pete Incaviglia (#636)

1995 BBM Shane Mack (#291)

1997 BBM Mike Greenwell (#440)

2004 BBM 2nd Version Omar Linares (#683)


Jason Presley said...

Purely as a slight to me, I'm sure, neither Bernardo Brito, nor Hensley Meulens were represented in the Foreigners set.

NPB Card Guy said...

I think they were just trying to make your life easier and only give you two cards to find (regular and insert cards of Tuffy Rhodes) rather than four.