Sunday, February 10, 2013

Card Of The Week February 10

Late last August, BBM released a set of cards that commemorated all the no-hitters ever thrown in Japan.  About six weeks later, the set was out of date - Yuki Nishi of the Buffaloes no-hit the Hawks on October 8th, the last day of the regular season.  (There had been a handful of other no-hitters left out of the set as well.)

BBM has now rectified that problem.  In a recent issue of SportsCard Magazine (#96), BBM included a  card for Yuki Nishi in the style of the No-Hitters set that commemorates his achievement:

SCM #205
It will be interesting to see if this is just a one-off or if BBM intends to make the No-Hitters set a living set, kind of like the Matsui home run set was.


Ryan G said...

I have good news for you. Expect an email eventually!

And thanks for posting this - I tend to skip over the magazine issue card box. I need to find this card!

NPB Card Guy said...

I had a feeling that this was something you'd like. I probably should have told you about it sooner.