Sunday, May 16, 2021

Card Of The Week May 16

Sometimes I'm a little slow to catch onto things.

Hayato Sakamoto had an oddball card in last year's BBM Fusion set that celebrated him getting his 2000th career hit.  I say "oddball" because the card had a completely different design than the rest of the Fusion set and was labeled "Road To 2000".  I had no idea why the design was different but Sakamoto's a popular player on Japan's most popular team so I didn't think too much about it.

But then a few weeks ago I was putting the 2020 BBM team sets into my database and came across something interesting while going through the Giants set - it had a three card subset for Sakamoto called "Road To 2000" that had almost the exact same design as the card in the Fusion set.  The subset in the Giants set featured Sakamoto's 1st, 1000th and 1500th hits.  So essentially BBM had turned the "Road To 2000" subset into a cross set subset.

Here are all four cards - you can see that the Fusion card has a gold tint to it but other than that it has the same design:

2020 BBM Giants #G79

2020 BBM Giants #G80

2020 BBM Giants #G81

2020 BBM Fusion #99

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