Sunday, May 23, 2021

Card Of The Week May 23

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week.  Life's been busy...

On April 4th, 1974, Hank Aaron hit his 714th home run, tying Babe Ruth.  A week later on April 11th, Aaron hit his 715th to pass Ruth.  About two and half years later and half a world away, a second player tied and passed Ruth.  On October 10th, 1976, Sadaharu Oh hit home run number 714 and a day later he hit number 715.  Would you believe that the same player played second and batted sixth in the lineup for Aaron's and Oh's teams in those four games?  In 1974, Davey Johnson was in his second and final full season with the Atlanta Braves - he played in one game with the Braves in 1975 before heading to Japan to join the Yomiuri Giants.  In 1976 he was in his second and final season with the Giants.  I believe that Johnson is the only player to have been a teammate of both Aaron and Oh (although Clyde Wright was a teammate of Aaron's on paper with the Milwaukee Brewers between November 2nd - when Aaron was traded from the Braves - and December 5th, 1974 - when Wright was traded to Texas - and he was a teammate of Oh's with Yomiuri from 1976 to 1978).

Here's a card of Johnson rounding the bases after hitting a home run of his own in Japan from the 1975/76/77 Calbee set (#1222):

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