Saturday, May 15, 2021

More Spring Team Sets

Been a while since I've done a "New Releases" post so it's probably time to get caught up on all the announcements of upcoming sets:

- BBM will have three more of their "comprehensive" team sets coming out in June.  The Swallows will be out in early June, the Hawks will be out in mid-June (Card Fanatic says June 18th) and the Marines will be out in late-June (Card Fanatic says June 30th - no idea why they don't list the exact release date for the Swallows).  All three sets will have a base set of 81 cards.  Each set also has BBM's standard two premium serialized insert sets called "Phantom" (16 Swallows cards, 14 Hawks cards and 18 Marines cards) and "Esperanza" (15 cards for each set).  The Swallows base set will contain 65 cards for the players and manager along with four "2020 Title Holder" cards, four "New Energy" cards, four "Go For It" cards, three "Ikemen Election" cards and a checklist card.  There are 18 non-premium insert cards split between four different sets - "Awesome" (nine cards), "Lead To Victory" (three cards), "Keep On Going" (three cards) and one being translated as "Thousand Horses" (three cards).  In addition to the 69 cards for the players and manager, the base set for the Hawks set will contain three four card subsets - "Boost Up", "The Returns" and "Landmark".  It will also have 18 non-premium insert cards split into four different sets - "Dynasty" (nine cards), "Future Is Here" (three cards), "Maestro" (three cards) and "Tradition" (three cards).  The Marines set will also have 69 cards for the players and manager in its base set but the remaining 12 cards are split among four subsets - "Newcomer" (two cards), "1st Round Draft Picks" (three cards), "Starting Pitchers" (three cards) and "Spindle Batters" (four cards).  There will be 18 non-premium insert card split into three separate sets - "Main Players" (nine cards), "Moments Of Leap" (four cards), "Fixed Position Battle" (five cards).  There's also another premium insert set containing 24 cards called something like "Hyakka Ryoran".  All three sets will have a variety of autographed cards associated with it and the Marines will also have memorabilia cards.  

- Epoch has announced two more of their "Rookies & Stars" team sets - the Fighters and the Dragons.  The details for these sets are the same as for the previous six sets - each of these sets has a base set of 36 cards, each of which has a parallel hologram version.  There are 12 different insert sets for each set as well.  There are four "Regular Printed Signature" sets ("Silver", "Gold", "Hologram" & "Variation Hologram") - there are 9 "Variation Hologram" cards and 18 each for the other three sets.  There are three 18 card "Metal Power" insert sets: "Silver", "Gold" (serially numbered to 50) and "Hologram" (serially numbered to 10) and three six card "Time To Shine Hologram" sets: "A" (serially numbered to 50), "B" (serially numbered to 15) and "C" (serially numbered to 5).  Finally there 6 "Gem" insert cards (each serially numbered to 15) and 6 "Black Gem" insert cards (each serially numbered to 5).  There are four different types of autographed cards - "Authentic" (the Dragons have 37 "Authentic" autographed cards so some player who is not in the base set has an autographed card while the Fighters only have 36), "Authentic 1-of-1" (36 in both so whoever the extra Dragon is, he doesn't have a "1-of-1"), "Rookies" (Dragons have 11, Fighters have 6) and "Stars" (Dragons have 6, Fighters have 12).  The Fighters set will be released on June 19th while the Dragons set will hit the stores on July 3rd.

- Hits (or TIC or whatever) has announced another "Game Used Ball" team set - this one is for the Hawks.  The base set contains 81 cards but they only feature 16 players from the team.  There's also what I think is a 16 card insert set of foil facsimile signature cards.  There are several varieties of "rare" cards - "Raw Photo" (16 cards), "Profile autograph" (16 cards), "Premium autograph" (16 cards), "Used ball autograph" (16 cards) and "Used ball patch cards" (just one).  The release date for the set is July 10th.

- For the second year in a row, BBM and the Lions have teamed up on some sort of team set that's being sold or given away out at Lions team stores.  I haven't found any information about the set on the team's web site, but Jambalaya has the entire set on line.  There are 30 cards in the base set plus a six card "Lions Heroes" insert set (which includes a card of farm team manager Kazuo Matsui).

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