Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

Looks like BBM has decided to retire another of their annual sets this year.  Every April since 2008 BBM has issued a box set for the Tokyo Big Six collegiate league.  The set's release has always coincided with the start of the spring season in early to mid April.  This year I've seen no information for the set on either BBM's website or any of the card shop websites.  Now last year, BBM released the set with very little fanfare - it just kind of showed up on their website as soon as they were releasing it.  So I was kind of hoping that maybe they were doing something similar this year.  But it's May now and there still has been nothing.

I asked Deanna Rubin, who was in Japan last week and went to some Tokyo big Six games if she saw any sign of the set but she had not.  She asked at both the games and at a Mint store but no luck.

I've been kind of expecting BBM to drop this set ever since Yuki Saitoh went pro after 2010 so it's not a huge surprise but I will miss the set.

I will note that prior to 2012, BBM put out two different Tokyo Big Six sets, one for the spring season and one for the fall season.  I suppose that it's possible that BBM will release a set in conjunction with the start of the fall season in September but I don't think that it's very likely.

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