Monday, May 19, 2014

Calbee Series Two Announced

Calbee announced information today (I think) for Series Two.  Like Series One, there will be 84 player cards in the set (7 per team).  There will be two non-premium subsets included - the 12 card "Opening Pitcher" subset featuring the Opening Day starting pitchers for all 12 teams and the four card Checklist subset featuring what looks like candid/action shots.  The base set (the player cards plus the two non-premium subsets) will total an even 100 cards, just like Series One.  There will also be (as usual) the 24 card Star insert set/premium subset (2 cards per team).

In addition, there will be a 12 card "AVG Leader" box set available on-line somehow and two more "Lucky" cards available in exchange for randomly inserted prize cards.

The entire checklist can be seen here.  The official release date of the cards is June 23 but from what Ryan and Sean say it may be a few days or so later that the bags will actual appear at your neighborhood grocer or convenience store (assuming you're in Japan of course).

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Sean said...

Awesome, I can't wait. Hopefully there won`t be as much of a wait for series 2 as there was for series 1!