Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New BBM Releases

BBM announced a couple sets in the last week or so:

- There's a box set dedicated to the Carp's pitchers both old and new that is being released today (or yesterday in Japan).  It's called something like Carp "Totomashi" and contains 27 base set cards plus one premium card - not entirely sure what all the premium cards are but I think there are both autograph and memorabilia cards available.  The base cards are split between 18 OB pitchers (including Hiroki Kuroda, Yutaka Ohno and Manabu Kittabeppu) and 9 active pitchers (including Kenta Maeda, Daichi Ohsera and Yosuke Nomura).

- BBM is releasing three more team sets in the next few weeks - the Tigers, the Eagles and the Marines.  The Tigers base set is the largest at 111, the Eagles set will have 99 cards and the Marines set will have 93.  Each set will have nine insert cards and a variety of autograph/memorabilia cards.  The Tigers set will be out in early June while the other two will be out towards the end of the month.

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