Sunday, December 22, 2019

Favorite Card Of 2019

The last couple years I've taken part in the contest/challenge that P-Town Tom of the Waiting 'til Next Year blog has run for bloggers to pick their favorite card of the year.  Each time I took part it took me some time to decide on a favorite card.  Tom's not doing the contest this year which is a shame because I knew what my favorite card of the year was going to be back in April.

With nobody out and runners on second and third in the bottom of the tenth inning of a scoreless game between the Buffaloes and the Hawks in Fukuoka on April 25th, Kenji Akashi did this:

It was the backflip heard 'round the world as it got coverage in the US via MLB's Cut 4, SB Nation, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report and others - I think ESPN had it on SportsCenter but I can't confirm that.

Once I saw it, I figured Epoch would be doing an Epoch One card for it.  And I was right but it took a surprising long time for Epoch to publish the card - it wasn't available until May 7th, 11 days later. 

2019 Epoch One #157/SH-018

I was kind of surprised that the card only had a print run of 40.  I would have thought it would have been more popular.

As always thanks to Ryan for ordering it for me.

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