Sunday, October 17, 2021


Ryan sent me a number of cards from the now defunct Japan Woman's Baseball League (JWBL).  The cards fall into two groups - cards from the 2011 set that BBM did for the Girl's Professional Baseball League (GPBL) which is what the league was originally called and some cards that AIAIO issued between 2016 and 2018.

First the GPBL cards.  Ryan had sent me a bunch of these in the last package he sent me and he added another handful with this package.  Here's the cards that I didn't previously have:

2011 BBM GPBL #07

2011 BBM GPBL #12

2011 BBM GPBL #15

2011 BBM GPBL #19

2011 BBM GPBL #29

I knew that AIAIO had done cards for the league for a number of years but I didn't have any besides the cards Ryan had sent me last time around (two 2013 cards and the complete 2015 set).  I had found a handful of cards I was interested in on Yahoo! Japan Auctions and Ryan was kind enough to pick them up for me.

2016 AIAIO JWBL #F16-03-01

2017 AIAIO JWBL #D17-11-02

2017 AIAIO JWBL #D17-18-05

2017 AIAIO JWBL Unnumbered

2018 AIAIO JWBL #D18-18-C1

2018 AIAIO JWBL #A18-05-03

I believe that the autograph on Bandoh's card is authentic - or at least someone added it to the card.  It doesn't look like a facsimile autograph.  The card with two players from the Hyogo Dione features Ayami Sato and Minimi Takatsuka (who went by just "Minami" for a couple seasons).

Four of the five players on the AIAIO cards are still playing despite the demise of the JWBL.  Sato is playing for the Lions women's team while Bandoh, Miura and Takatsuka are on the Tigers women's team.  Taguchi is a coach with the Lions.  I think only one player from these 2011 BBM GPBL cards is still active - Uemura is on the Tigers women's team.

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