Thursday, October 21, 2021

Magazine Cards From Ryan

I've got a couple card collecting goals that revolve around cards that BBM issued in magazines.  Among the cards that Ryan sent me last week were a bunch of cards that go towards those goals.

He found a bunch of the Sports Card Magazine (SCM) cards that I was looking for.  I'm going to list all the cards in chronological order with only minimal comments:

This Shinjiro Hiyama card is a promo for the 1997 BBM Tigers team set.

This card celebrates Sadaaki Yoshimura's retirement.  I don't know what the origin of his "Inflexible Man" nickname is although it may be related to Yoshimura's comeback from a horrific knee injury caused by an on field collision.

SCM #16 in July 1999 included a Daisuke Matsuzaka card that was a variant of his BBM All Star set from that year.  Here's the front and back of both the original card (left) and the SCM card (right):

I'm not sure but I think this Shigeo Nagashima card is a promo for a 2001 BBM Nagashima retirement set.

2001 SCM #17

2002 SCM #20

2002 SCM #21

2003 SCM #29

2004 SCM #38

This 2004 card of Kazuhiro Kiyohara celebrates him getting his 2000th hit on June 4th that year.  The back shows him getting his jacket for the Meikyukai:

2004 SCM #39

2004 SCM #39 back

2005 SCM #43

2005 SCM #53

2006 SCM #62

This double sided card shows the Pacific League Pitcher Of The Month for May and June of 2006:

2006 SCM #73

2006 SCM #73 back

2006 SCM #80

2007 SCM #91

2009 SCM #115

2009 SCM #116

2009 SCM #118

2009 SCM #119

SCM #79 which was published in January of 2010 included ten "bonus" cards for that year's Rookie Edition set.  Each card featured a photo of an established star as a rookie using that year's Rookie Edition format.  I got two of these from Ryan:

2010 SCM #136/Rookie Edition #117

2010 SCM #138/Rookie Edition #119

Another goal I'm working on is getting all the cards that were issued with the "Season Memorial" issues of Shukan Baseball between 2011 and 2016 (the only years the annual issue had baseball cards).  Ryan had previously picked up two of them for me and he added four more with this package:

2011 Season Memorial #1/2

2013 Season Memorial #1/2

2013 Season Memorial #2/2

2014 Season Memorial #1/2

I frequently comment that I think that the cards issued with magazines are probably the biggest unknown area in Japanese baseball cards - that and team issued cards.  I had come across a oddball Eiji Sawamura card earlier this year that I was able to determine had been issued with a mook celebrating the Giants' 70th Anniversary in 2004.  I found an auction for the magazine and Ryan picked it up for me.

There were five cards total that were issued with the magazine but the bad news was that each issue of the magazine only included two cards.  I was concerned that I would end up getting a double of the Sawamura card but happily I got the cards for Sadaharu Oh and Tatsunori Hara:



The other two cards are Tetsuharu Kawakami and Shigeo Nagashima.  I don't know how hard it would be to find them - considering I've only ever seen one of these cards in the wild, it would probably be pretty hard.  However Ryan's ability to track stuff down is impressive.

Here's some photos showing how the cards were included in the magazine:

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